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As exemplified by the research into historical Okinoshima ritual sites, the research related to this property looks into a wide variety of subjects and is carried out over an incredibly varied range of fields, starting with those of archeology and history.Here, the literary data from the research into this cultural heritage legacy group is collected and presented to provide assistance in gaining a deeper understanding into these assets.
Also, in an effort to be of service to future research, we’ve published a PDF regarding the basic literature related to this property.
The Sacred Islands of Okionshima and Associated Sites in the Munakata Region Nomination Dossier for inscripon on the World Heritage List
Archeological Research Reports of Okinoshima Ritual Site
Munakata jinjyashi (History of Munakata Shrine)
Mitakesan Ritual Site (Archeological Ritual Sites in Nakatsu-miya)

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