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Personal information protection policy


 Links to this site can be set up from any site as long as the following guidelines are observed.

- Please note that the content and URL of this website may be changed or the service may be stopped without prior notice.
- The World Heritage Promotion Committee of Okinoshima Island and Related Sites in Munakata Region (hereinafter, "the Committee") shall not bear any responsibility for any problems that may arise from any links made to this site.
- Liking from the following sites should be refrained: adult sites and sites of improper content; those that defame any individuals or organizations; those that violate standards of public order and morality; those that may violate or may be considered as violating laws and regulations; and sites that may be considered as illegal.
- Please delete any links immediately if so asked by the Committee.
- When setting up links, please use the banner provided below.
 The information on this website is protected by the Copyright Act. Using part or all of any documents, images, or other data on this website is prohibited unless permission is obtained from the copyright holder.

The information on this website is protected by the Copyright Act. Using part or all of any documents, images, or other data on this website is prohibited unless permission is obtained from the copyright holder.

Personal Information Protection Policy

To protect visitors' personal information, the website titled "手ェWprld Heritage Sites in the Sacred Island of OKINOSHIMA and Associated Sites in Munakata Region" (https://www.munakata-archives.asia; hereinafter, "the Website") is managed pursuant to the personal information protection policy stipulated below, which should be complied with by all parties involved in the operation of the Website.

What Is "Personal Information"?

"Personal information" refers to information through which individuals can be identified, and which is collected from users of the Website. Such information includes, but is not limited to, the names of individuals and their e-mail addresses.

Collection of Personal Information

In principle, the Committee collects personal information through the Website only when visitors to the site voluntarily provide it.

Use of Personal Information

Personal information provided from visitors will not be used beyond the scope of the specified purposes. However, aggregated statistical data concerning access to the Website, comments and proposals provided to the Committee, and related user information may be disclosed.The specified purposes of the use of personal information collected from users are as follows:

(1)To distribute e-mail newsletters to registered visitors
(2)To respond to users' comments and inquiries about the service of the Website

Provision/Deposit of Personal Information to Third Parties

(1)The Committee will not provide the personal information it has collected to any third party without obtaining permission from the providers of such information, unless the Committee is ordered to disclose such information pursuant to a relevant law or regulation.
(2)When the Committee has to provide obtained personal information to subcontracted third parties, the Committee selects only reliable parties who maintain adequate personal information protection levels. Moreover, through contracts and other means the Committee ensures that these parties maintain the confidentiality of the said information. The Committee also instructs and supervises them to ensure proper handling of the information.

Preventive Measures against Loss, Destruction, Falsification, Leakage, and Unauthorized Access of Personal Information

Collected personal information will be handled appropriately by the Website administrator. Appropriate measures will be taken to prevent the loss, destruction, falsification, leakage, and unauthorized access of personal information. The Committee will discard/delete personal information immediately after it becomes unnecessary.

Observation of Relevant Laws and Regulations

All individuals involved in the operation of the Website will strictly observe the laws, regulations, guidelines, and other rules concerning the personal information and confidentiality of communications.


Some pages of the Website use a technology known as "Cookies." "Cookies" are a standard technology used by a web server to identify users' computers. It comprises a small-volume text file. The technology is generally used to record the personal information (such as users' IDs and passwords) that website users provide site administrators by operating their computers, along with users' operation histories. In addition, the technology is used to analyze users' preferences when using a particular site so as to use the analyzed data for statistical purposes. The technology can identify users' computers, but cannot identify individuals using the computers unless users offer details of their personal information by inputting it. The Website is accessible by anonymous users, regardless of the presence of Cookie functionality. If you would like to opt out of use of your information, you can change the preferences of your browser so that it does not accept Cookies. This, however, may lead to the suspension of part or all of the services provided by the Website.

Revision of the Privacy Policy

Please check this privacy policy regularly, since it may be changed without prior notice.