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The user shall not engage in the following activities when using the Service.

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(3) Besides (1) and (2) above, actions that harm MUNAKATA ARCHIVES and actions that could cause damage to it

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(8) Conduct that prevents other users from using the Services (9) Acts that infringe or are likely to infringe upon the property, privacy, portrait rights or publicity rights of MUNAKATA ARCHIVES or any third party
(10) Election campaigns or similar acts, whether or not during the election period (11) Acts that are or are likely to be contrary to public order and morality

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Arrangements when users have problems 1. In the event MUNAKATA ARCHIVES suffers damage due to an act in violation of this Agreement or an illegal or unlawful act of the user, the user may be claimed compensation for damages.

2. Any dispute between the user and a third party or damage caused by the user to a third party shall be settled at the customer's responsibility and expense, and MUNAKATA ARCHIVES shall not be liable.

Handling of information about users

MUNAKATA ARCHIVES shall handle the personal information of users in accordance with the Personal Information Protection Policy separately posted, and users shall read this Policy carefully and agree to use the Service.
By uniformly preserving, managing, and publishing the results of research and research on the world heritage "Shinjuku Island" Munakata Okino Island and related heritage groups, the value of this heritage group will be inherited to the next generation, and research and utilization will be promoted.
The site consists of 10 databases: Okinoshima's offerings, Munakata-related ancient documents and historical materials, Munakata-jinja Shrine and related sites, similar assets in Japan and overseas, Okinoshima's haihai spots, and cultural properties, images, photographs, and audio from the Munakata area.
About Content Usage
Copyrights and other rights concerning content published on this website belong to the Munakata and Okinoshima Islands of the "Shukurushima Island" and the Council for the Preservation and Utilization of Related Heritage Groups (Fukuoka Prefecture, Munakata City, Fukutsu City, Munakata Taisha Shrine, hereafter referred to as the "Honkai").
Digitized images of materials published on this website that are copyrighted by the Foundation can be used without prior application. However, modification is prohibited. If higher-quality image data is required, complete the form (word data attached) and apply for use at the Secretariat of the Conference. For reprinted or commercial purposes, a separate permission must be obtained from the owner of the social property owned by Munakata Taisha. For copyrighted pictures other than those held by the Foundation, contact the relevant organizations.
(* The above are for pictures of the national treasures owned by Munakata-taisha Shrine and the Okinoshima Island survey.)
Copies of PDFs, etc. published in the literature database are assumed to be used for research, educational purposes, etc. When making secondary use, make sure to clearly indicate the source (Copyright Law Section 48). Also, if the documentation has been modified, please indicate it.
(* The above are for the report of Okinoshima, the history of Munakata-jinja Shrine, etc., and PDFs of books.)
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